Ryanair bans off-duty policeman for life after 'boarding plane with gun'

Ruth Doherty
Ryanair bans off-duty policeman for life after 'boarding plane with gun'
Ryanair bans off-duty policeman for life after 'boarding plane with gun'


An off-duty police officer has been banned from flying with Ryanair after boarding one of the airline's planes with a gun in Spain.

The low-cost carrier has complained to the Spanish government about the incident, which saw the man walk on with an undeclared weapon that was discovered before take-off, saying it endangered the lives of the 173 passengers on board.

The man was removed from the plane on the spot, and has since been banned from using the airline again, according to the Telegraph.

Ryanair has called for the Spanish authorities to amend its policy to allow police officers to carry firearms on to domestic flights in Spain, calling the practice "unsafe".

According to the Daily Mail, Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said: "'Passengers, including police officers or army personnel, are forbidden from bringing firearms on board Irish-registered aircraft,' he comments.

"Last week, a Spanish policeman boarded a Ryanair flight carrying a firearm.

"Ryanair has banned the passenger from travelling with Ryanair again.

"We have reported this safety breach to the Spanish police, and have lodged a complaint with the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

"We have also complained to the Spanish government, who we are urging to take measures to prevent a repeat of such instances."

The incident follows news this week that Ryanair is to close 15 routes to Spain following a row over airport tax increases.

The move will see 11 routes to Madrid and four to Barcelona El Prat scrapped following the government's decision to double taxes at both airports, which came into effect earlier this month.

The cuts include three UK routes: Manchester to Madrid, East Midlands to Barcelona and Leeds Bradford to Barcelona El Prat.

Ryanair will also reduce capacity on 24 routes from Madrid and another 22 at Barcelona; these frequency reductions include routes from El Prat to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Dublin.

The reduction to services, which will add up to 492 fewer fights each week, will be made from November.

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