Olympic Games stamps going on sale

Olympic stampsRoyal Mail is issuing a new set of stamps to mark the start of the Olympic Games, featuring four of the most popular events.

The stamps, which will be on sale from Friday, the day of the opening ceremony, show a cyclist, a fencer, a diver and runners, alongside London landmarks Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, the Olympic Stadium and the London Eye.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "Even fleet-footed Hermes himself would hang up his winged sandals and send his letters through Royal Mail if he saw the quality of these beautiful Olympic-themed stamps."

He continued: "It's fantastic that some of London's most iconic landmarks are now set to grace the doormats of millions of homes and businesses, helping to seal our city's status as a world-class destination."

The set includes two first class stamps and two priced at £1.28 - the cost of airmail postage.

During the Games, Royal Mail will be issuing a special collection of Olympic Gold Medal stamps to mark every Team GB gold medal win.

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