Drink drivers getting an easy ride

Drink drivers are clearly thought to be getting off lightly, if a new survey is anything to go by. More than three quarters of motorists reckon that those who repeatedly drink drive should have their vehicles seized and sold or scrapped, while 50% think this should also happen to drivers several times over the limit.

The research from IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) also showed strong support for dropping the drink drive limit, with two-thirds wanting a reduction, with most saying it should be lowered to a maximum of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. 28% think there should be a zero tolerance policy.People convicted of drink driving generally lose their licence for a year and receive an average fine of £240. Almost 60% think this is too weak, and that punishments for drink drivers should be tougher.

The findings also showed that almost half of respondents admit to having a drink while driving, below the current limit. 79% say a decrease in the limit wouldn't affect their enjoyment of an evening out, although 19% say it would.

And more than half of those surveyed supported a proportionate, graduated system of penalties, if the limit was reduced. For example, lower penalties would be given to drivers caught under the current limit, but above the new one.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said "The support is there for tougher treatment of drink drivers.

"Not only do the majority want a lower limit – they also want tougher punishment for those that break the law, especially the worst offenders who present the greatest danger to other road users, their passengers and themselves."
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