Rust, reliability and residual issues no longer an Alfa thing

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Popular car shows on TV, along with all the big names in car magazines, have often perpetuated the opinion that if someone is a true 'petrolhead', they will have owned an Alfa Romeo of some description. Alfa Romeo cars have always been associated with class, sportiness, heritage and luxury, offering an engaging driving experience with some Italian flair thrown in. But at the same time, Alfa Romeos have been known to attract a lot of negative comments about their reliability and also their residual values – which is something that has often made an Alfa a very positive prospect on the used car market.

But not any more. Alfa Romeo have done away with the Three Rs sometimes associated with their previous models – Rust, Reliability and Residual values. Recent years have gradually witnessed a sea change at Alfa Romeo. Female buyers are increasingly turning to Alfa Romeo and now make up 45% of their customer base, and the average age of an Alfa Romeo owner has dropped below the 40 barrier. Perhaps tired of the samey-looking Euroboxes from other manufacturers, more and more new buyers are choosing to buy an Alfa Romeo – resulting in a whopping 70% of Alfa Romeo buyers being newcomers to the brand.

A lot of Alfa Romeo's success is down to the MiTo model, which has really been pushed hard by the firm. Not only is Alfa Romeo working with a major London Fashion Show organiser in order to boost the MiTo's female appeal – they are now looking to associate the MiTo with the cool music scene.
Glass' 2011 edition of its Top 10 Guide for second hand car values included the Alfa Romeo MiTo, which highlights the firm's vastly improved reliability. To show their complete confidence in the MiTo, Alfa Romeo are offering their UK retail customers a fantastic 5-year warranty if they buy a MiTo before the end of September 2012.

According to Alfa Romeo UK boss Damien Dally "Alfa is still a car with emotional pull, but backed by a rational message" and their surge in sales in recent years certainly backs this up. As more and more motorists from all walks of life turn increasingly to smaller, greener cars with strong residual values, Alfa Romeo should continue to do well as the stylish choice on the market.
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