How to use Olympic Games Lanes

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has issued some guidance on how to drive around the Olympic Games Lanes.
• The Lanes will be in use at certain times each day. Most Lanes will be in operation between 6am and midnight, but check sign posts for more information.
• Keep an eye on the electronic signs along the routes, which give road users vital information on when and where they may use the Lanes.
• Don't drive, ride or park in the Games Lanes. You risk a £130 fine if you use them during operational hours.
• You won't be able to cross Games Lanes. Every turn will have a signed diversion route. Only licensed taxis, buses and Games buses have permission to turn right across the Lanes.

We can't help wondering if the extra congestion last week caused by the Olympic Lanes was basically down to poor use of English. People were desperately avoiding using the lanes even though they were not restricted. This was because they all had signs next to them saying "Olympic Lane now open" which made people think that meant open for use by the officials and athletes, not us commoners. If they had put up signs saying "Please use Olympic Lanes until xx July" we might have avoided a lot of traffic jams.
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