Goodwood Revival - The Once and Future Motor show

The Goodwood Revival Earls Court Motor Show will feature British sports cars this year, given the huge number of anniversaries coming up.

The idea of the show is to give people the idea that they are walking into the Earls Court Show from sometime in the 1950s or early 1960s. Inside they will see a timewarp motor show featuring celebrations of half-centuries for the Lotus Elan, MGB and Triumph Spitfire, 60 years of the Triumph TR2, and 40 years of the Jensen-Healey, amongst others. These will be joined by a wealth of other iconic and desirable British sports cars, ranging from pre-War Bentley and ACs, through to 21st Century machines.
This is where it gets a bit complicated, because the Goodwood Revival does not normally allow in vehicles built after 1966. In a piece of fancy time-travelling footwork worthy of Doctor Who, the logic is that it will show visions of the future from 1966 – so what cars will look like in the 21st century. Hence a prototype from 2012 is still a vision of the future that could have come from 1966. In fact, we wonder if Doctor Who writers are now moonlighting as consultants to Lord March.

Incidentally, there is a dynastic link between Earls Court and Goodwood. Apparently, the name of the West London exhibition site refers to the Earl of March, whose family once owned the land. Now the direct descendant, the present Lord March, is recreating the Earls Court Motor Show at his country pile. Truly, only in England...
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