Watchdog warns over non-EU smartphone charges

The European Commission may have imposed caps on the cost of using smartphones abroad but anyone travelling to a non-member state could still come home to a hefty bill.

non-EU data roaming charges

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Consumer watchdog Which? warned that smartphone users travelling anywhere outside the EU can quickly rack up eye-popping charges, even if their mobile sits idle.

Simply switching a smartphone on whilst abroad generates sizeable charges of around £24 a day, because of applications and downloads that run quietly in the background.

And surfing the web, downloading or streaming while on your holidays could leave you with a bill that runs into the thousands of pounds.

According to Which?, streaming a YouTube video just over four minutes in length for anyone using the Three network in some non-EU countries would cost £66.64, while watching the movie Treasure Island could land users with a £3,600 bill.

Though Three was found to be the most expensve for data roaming, similar charges were imposed by other networks such as Orange, Tesco and T-Mobile.

Coming out best when it came to worldwide roaming charges was TalkTalk, which gave consumers better value with a £3-per-MB charge.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: "Using your mobile overseas can be hugely expensive but there are things consumers can do to keep costs down, like using wi-fi where available and turning off data-roaming.

"But we also want to see phone companies doing everything they can to make consumers aware of exactly how much data they're using and the costs."

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