Kitten survives 6,500-mile journey across the Pacific

Kitten survives 6,500-mile journey across the PacificAFP/Getty

A three-month-old kitten is recovering in California after surviving a journey across the Pacific in a shipping container from China, without food or water.

The orange and white animal has been named Ni Hao, or Hello in Mandarin, after being found when the container was opened last week, following the two-week, 6,500-mile trip from Shanghai.

The animal was dehydrated and suffering from starvation when the container was opened in California last week, but is said to be doing well after being transferred to the Carson Animal Care Centre in Los Angeles.

The kitten was too weak to stand at first, but is now taking his first steps.

Kitten survives 6,500-mile journey across the PacificAFP/Getty

Aaron Reyes, deputy director of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, told the Telegraph: "We finally got to hear his voice. It sounds like a sputtering single-engine plane."

Ni Hao will remain in quarantine for 60 days, after which animal workers will look to place him with a foster family.

Mr Reyes added: "It's much better for him to recover in a home environment. It's just like a human being in a hospital so we're hoping to move him.

"Little by little we're getting there. We're hoping that under the treatment of our med team and with rest, he'll be able to continue to recover quickly."

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