Worst weight gain holiday destinations revealed

Caroline Cassidy

After spending weeks honing the all-important beach body, Brits abroad tend to let the hard work go to waste by piling on a few pounds when they hit the hotel - and a new survey has revealed the worst weight gain destinations.

Worst holiday weight gain destinations revealed
Worst holiday weight gain destinations revealed

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According to the poll of 350 adults by travel firm Thomas Cook, holidaymakers heading to Cyprus and Turkey put on the most weight.

Over the course of a 10-day getaway to the popular Mediterranean holiday spot, the average Brit added 3.3lb to their waistline, regardless of whether it was the Turkish or Greek side of the island.

Those enjoying the cuisine in Turkey came home 3lb heavier while a break in Portugal left the average adult with 2.9lb of extra baggage. In fourth place was the United States, where generous portions and fast food aplenty may play their part.

But it seems the food itself is not to blame - it was the ever-tempting all-you-can-eat hotel buffet that most Brits claimed was the reason for their weight gain.

Cheaper and better food was also cited as a reason for piling on pounds, and 50 per cent of those polled admitted to drinking more alcohol than they would in the UK.

Women were clearly more conscious of their holiday weight gain though, putting on an average of 1.5lb compared to 5.5lb for men.

A lucky one in five Brits abroad managed to lose weight on holiday, with a more active lifestyle the explanation for 74 per cent.

And if you are hoping to shed rather than put on pounds during your break, the top three destinations for holiday weight loss were Ireland, Canada and Germany.

Do you worry about holiday weight gain or relax and let go when you hit the hotel? Leave your comments below...