AA says 14,000 cars damaged by floods

It seems an amazing number, but the AA should know. Apparently 14,000 cars have been either severely damaged or written off because of the recent bad weather.

The AA says motor insurers (i.e. our renewal premiums) face a £35m repair bill, given an average claim of £2,500.
The organisation calculates that more than 14,000 cars have either been severely damaged or written off by the weather since 28 June, when heavy rain flooded several parts of the UK and storms produced huge hailstones across the East Midlands.

Quoted in the Daily Telegraph, Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said that the AA itself has dealt with over 400 claims for cars damaged by hail or flooding.

"We noticed a sharp claims 'spike' at lunchtime on 28 June with a large number of claims for cars in Leicestershire that had been battered by giant hailstones. That storm alone led to just over 200 claims."

"Hail can ruin a car. If it has perhaps hundreds of dents in the roof, bonnet and boot panels it will probably be uneconomical to repair it. We are seeing several cars being written-off in this way."

He also warned: "Never attempt to drive through flood water – you can't tell how deep it is or what the water might be hiding. If you hit deep water your car will be swamped. Fast flowing water can very easily sweep your car off the road, putting your life at danger, too: we have taken distressing claims for cars lost in this way."
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