Genius! Fiat fits in-car espresso maker to 500

The next version of the Fiat 500, the 500L due in 2013, will have an optional built-in espresso maker developed with Lavazza.

The clever little gadget uses capsules, as per George Clooney's rival coffee brand, but modified slightly to make it more ergonomic to use in the car. We particularly like the little speedometer-style temperature gauge – useless, but sooo cute. The "coffee experience" kit will also include a spoon holder, pod holder and sugar holder. It is a fantastically neat installation, with no visible cables – the machine clips directly into the power source between the seats.

If you can't afford a Maserati (or indeed the £32,000 Fiat 500 Maserati edition), this gadget has to be the best way to impress on four wheels. In fact we can think of a few people who would be more impressed by the coffee maker than the supercar.

Other features of the 500L which are so 2013 include a new generation UConnect infotainment system. This uses a five-inch colour touchscreen to access all main functions, from the DAB radio to iPod and smartphone. There is also an audio system designed in conjunction with Dr. Dre with two 165 mm mid-woofer speakers, two 38 mm tweeters, two 165 mm diameter full-range speakers, a 165 mm diameter subwoofer in reflex box, and an eight channel amplifier.

What will the 500L be like to drive? Who cares - enjoy the audio system with a good coffee. Driving enjoyment is so last century, it seems.
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