Women wear 28 outfits during week's holiday

Caroline Cassidy

It's always best to be prepared and according to a new survey, women on holiday are ready for almost any eventuality when it comes to clothes.

women wear 28 outfits on holiday
women wear 28 outfits on holiday

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The poll of 2,000 women by Tesco found that the average holiday-going girl takes 28 outfits for a seven-day break so that she is prepared for every occasion.

That means on average, British women abroad change their clothes four times a day - one in ten even confessed to changing outfits seven times a day while on their hols.

Of course, with the beach, shopping and eating out or clubbing to fill their days and nights, a change of clothes was a practical concern for 58 per cent, but one in 20 said they would change several times a day simply to ensure that everything they packed got an outing.

Among the items hoping to make an appearance in foreign climes were four dresses, six tops, plus four pairs of shorts or skirts, two pairs of trousers, three bikinis, three pairs of sandals and two pairs of shoes.

But it seems the ladies still feel that's not enough because the average woman will buy another two pieces of clothing during the course of their stay.

However, it seems the majority are a tad over-prepared because eight out of ten admitted some of their outfits went home unworn - in fact, one in ten confessed that only a quarter of what they packed saw the light of day.

Bernadette Lusher, from F&F clothing at Tesco, told the Daily Mail: "Unlike the typical day at home, which can involve an outfit for work or for popping to the shops, an average day on holiday can consist of several different activities... This can make packing a nightmare, especially if you are travelling by plane and can only carry a certain amount of luggage.

"The trick is to make sure you plan your clothes rather than just chucking the entire contents of your wardrobe into your case. Packing some staple items, along with some accessories can give you several different outfits without the bulging suitcase."

Do you over-pack for your summer holiday or have you learned to travel light? Leave your comments below...