Which is Britain's 'most depressing' city to live in?

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Birmingham has been voted the UK's most depressing city live in - by none other than the Brummies themselves.

Two thirds of its residents described their home as "boring and bleak" in the survey, with 69.57% saying they were miserable there. In fact, in a Tripadvisor poll it was once voted "the most boring city".

On the upside? The city has three Michelin-starred restaurants, more than any other English city outside London, and it also boasts more miles of canal than Venice, points out the Mirror.

In the survey, carried out by McVitie's, a third of Manchester residents (33%) said they were not happy in the city, closely followed by Leeds (30.22%), Norwich (26.65%). Cardiff (26%), Newcastle (23%), Bristol (21%), and Oxford (19.4%).

However, where there are negatives, there are also positives.

While Manchester has the lowest levels of savings per household in the country, Manchester Airport was named as the Best UK Airport at the Travel Weekly Globe Awards, beating Heathrow and Gatwick to the prize

Leeds may have the highest number of claims on insurance for burglary, but it was also named One of Europe's Top 25 Cities for Business.

Norwich has the highest level of smokers, but its low level of crime makes it the safest city in the UK.

And, while London maybe overpopulated and overpriced, it is home to 300 theatres, 500 cinema screes, and 12,000 restaurants, as well as receiving more international visitors than any other city in the world: 15.3 million per year.

Meanwhile, despite what the recent survey says, if the New York Times is anything to go by, you actually don't want to miss out on a trip to Birmingham.

The paper placed Birmingham at number 19 - above Vienna and the Maldives - in its list of The 45 Places to Go in 2012 thanks to its burgeoning dining scene.

The tagline read: "Could England's second city be first in food?" and referred to the BBC's food magazine Olive declaring it the 'foodiest town' ahead of London and Edinburgh in October 2010.

So, there you go, it might not be that "boring" after all...

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