Woman sues Virgin for £330k after suitcase falls on her head

Ruth Doherty
Woman sues Virgin for £330k after suitcase falls on her head
Woman sues Virgin for £330k after suitcase falls on her head


A woman is suing Virgin for $500,000 (approx £330,000) after a suitcase fell on her head during a flight - leaving her unable to do the housework.

Iranian-born Azadeh Laghai was in her aisle seat preparing for take-off on a Gold Coast to Melbourne flight when a flight attendant opened a compartment above her, and a 7 to 8kg bag fell out and landed on her head.

Mrs Laghai claims she was left with ongoing neck, arm and hand pain that has meant her husband and son have had to take on all of the household duties.

According to the Herald Sun, she is asking for $36, 720 to compensate for her husband doing all the chores, arriving at the number by billing for 15 hours a week at a rate of $34 an hour over the last 18 months.

She is also claiming $7,344 for her 13-year-old son, who, she says, spends three hours a week doing chores like grocery shopping, walking the dog and tidying up.

Other charges within the claim include $60,000 for pain, suffering and loss, $20,000 in special damages, travel and medical costs, $150,000 for future economic loss, and $120,000 for future damages.

Mrs Laghai claims the injury has prevented her from driving as she doesn't have the strength to grip the wheel, and that the pain and suffering has affected her marriage, as well as her ability to parent her two sons.

According to news.com.au, Maurice Blackburn lawyer Anna Morgan said the firm was negotiating for fair compensation for the debilitating injury.

Virgin's insurers are expected to file a defence in the near future.

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