Jessica Alba's payout from company using her name without permission

Jessica Alba© Vince Flores / AFF-USA.COM/UK Press/Press Association Images

Fantastic Four actress, Jessica Alba, is said to have received a payout from Belly Bandit - the post-pregnancy slimming brand. The company had used her name in its promotions, and Alba was in the process of suing over unauthorised use of her name.

So what went on, and what are the oddest recent celebrity endorsements?

Jessica Alba

The company had used a fake testimonial from the actress, along with pictures of her on its website. The strapline "Jessica Alba's #2 Secret for a fast Post Pregnancy Slimdown!" even appeared on the packaging.

The mother of two, who is keen to highlight that she shifted the baby weight through a strict exercise regime, had launched a law suit (which has been variously reported as being over $1 million and up to $4 million) to compensate her for the use of her image.

According to website TMZ, Belly Bandit agreed to settle out of court, and the case was thereby dismissed. There is no details as to the sum she may have received, although it is thought that part of the agreement will include the company being banned from using her to sell its products.

She has since disappeared from the website, although a host of celebrity fans remain, including Kourtney Kardashian, who has given her name to a lacy version of the product.

Clearly celebrity endorsement can make a massive difference to a brand, where the right face can push brand recognition through the roof. However, even where the use of a celebrity's face is fully agreed by all concerned, there have been some unusual endorsements over the years.

Here are five of the oddest:

1. Ozzy Osbourne advertising I Can't Believe Its Not Butter - by making fairy cakes
2. John Lydon advertising Country Life butter - clearly getting on the butter bandwagon
3. Sue Barker advertising Go Compare - by shooting the brand's irritating opera singer
4. Iggy Pop advertising Swiftcover - even though the insurer had to change its small print so that they could cover Mr Pop
5. Mikhail Gorbachev advertising Pizza Hut. He has since appeared in a Louis Vuitton advert - an equally odd choice
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