Abu Dhabi introduces 'behavioural guide' for tourists

Ruth Doherty
Abu Dhabi introduces 'behavioural guide' for tourists
Abu Dhabi introduces 'behavioural guide' for tourists


Thinking about a holiday in Abu Dhabi? You might now have 'homework' to do when you get there, as the Abu Dhabi Tourism Police have released a booklet detailing must-don'ts for visitors.

Behaviour that may not bat an eyelid in London, Paris or Rome, can be seen as disrespectful in Au Dhabi.

Brig Gen Omair Al Mihiri, deputy director general of police operations, said the pamphlet was designed to make tourists feel more secure and to avoid them being penalised unnecessarily.

He told The National: "The pamphlet was prepared to educate tourists on rules of public behaviour. It includes trends and behaviour which is uncivilised and would make them subject to prosecution."

Among the list of things to avoid are: public displays of affection and kissing; eating, smoking or drinking in public during the months of Ramadan; drinking alcohol in unlicensed places; abuse of drug; and prostitution.

The guide also reminds visitors to wear "respectably modest clothing" - a particularly pertinent point as The Federal National Council is demanding a law be issued on a UAE dress so that local culture and sensibilities are protected.

Hamad Ahmad Al Rahoumi, a member of the council from Dubai, told Gulf News: "There has to be respect for the people in the UAE. Residents and tourists should dress modestly and not spread their bad habits for our children to see and imitate."

The new behaviour pamphlet is written in several languages, and urges you to call the tourism police on either 999 or 800 2626 in case of confusion or emergency.

Would a dress code and the new behavioural guide put you off planning your UAE getaway? Leave your thoughts below...

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