Video: Baby turtles released into the sea in Dubai

It's always good to see the multi-millon pound travel industry giving something back to the world now and again - so this video, taken on the beach of the the Burj Al Arab Hotel, is a bit of a heart warmer.

The Jumeirah Hotel group, which owns the Burj, holds annual summer sea turtle releases, working alongside the Wildlife Protection Office and local vets to save and release turtles. Since The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project started in 2004, more than 554 sea turtles have been rehabilitated.

This year, the sea turtle celebration was open to the public for the first time. Local children and hotel guests helped release 100 turtles. Six of the turtles (two hawksbill turtles, two green sea turtles and two loggerhead sea turtles) were tagged with satellite devices that monitor their whereabouts. You can log on to project's Facebook page to see regular posts about how far the turtles have travelled.

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