Mercedes i-Class?

You would think that the car industry would be big enough and old enough not to have to jump on other people's bandwagons.

However, Mercedes describes its new A Class as being designed for the "Facebook generation". Quite what that means is anyone's guess. With so many people now on the social network, it doesn't mean much more than a car for the "iPhone Generation". Of course they said that too - the A Class is an "iPhone on wheels", apparently.
In a clean sweep in the cliché bingo stakes, the designer Mark Fetherstone said, "when you see the A-Class from the front you can be reminded of a wild cat", although to be fair, he did have the grace to admit that was a bit of a cliché.

Mercedes' marketing chief Gerd Sailer said: "We are aiming at younger buyers not only with a sporty design and enhanced driving dynamics, but we also have an extensive multi-media package with full iPhone integration. It's really cool how you can use the voice control system to fix appointments or call up news."

Er, yes, just like it is with all your latest competitors, like this one.
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