London cabbie turns taxi into £50-a-night hotel for Olympics

Roshina Jowaheer
Taxi driver turns cab into £50-a-night hotel for Olympics
Taxi driver turns cab into £50-a-night hotel for Olympics


Still looking for an affordable hotel in London for the Olympics? How about sleeping in a black cab?

A creative London cabbie has turned his taxi into an alternative hotel room with the hope to cash in on the Games.

David Weeks' is charging guests £50 per night to sleep in the stationary vehicle that sleeps one person.

The low fee is a huge discount for those in search of cheap accommodation for the Olympics in London.

Home rental website Wimdu, where David is advertising his Hail-A-Hotel, says the average cost of a stay in London is £65 but many of its hosts have tripled their prices to £195 per night during the Olympics.

If you're thinking of booking a stay in the taxi, you will need to check out early as David, 49, plans to continue his job of taking tourists and Londoners around the capital during the day.

Guests will be left with the taxi at an agreed time and location and will have to give it back to David in the morning. They cannot drive the taxi while staying in it.

The back cab has been kitted out with a mattress, a pillow and duvet, complete with an official Olympic pillow case and bedspread. There's a bedside lamp, curtains and a Paddington Bear teddy.

The tiny hotel room also has a solar-powered fridge, radio, iPad and camping chairs and a table can be requested. There is no bathroom.

David said: 'I'm really excited that the Olympics are coming to the city but it's going to be a nightmare for cab drivers. So when I heard that I could rent out my taxi on Wimdu, I thought it was a no-brainer - after all, who knows London better than a cabbie?.'

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