World Pride Day

With the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics taking place, 2012 is already proving a momentous year for the UK. To add to this year's festivities, WorldPride is coming to London and the capital will play host to the biggest Pride Parade Britain has ever seen.

World pride day 2012

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Organised by InterPride, the event aims to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues throughout the world, via parades, festivals and cultural activities.

This year, the parade takes place on 7 July and it promises to be a fantastically colourful sight as thousands take to the streets as part of or to show their support for the LGTB community. Floats and walking groups will celebrate in the heart of London, with stalls lining the streets.

The parade will finish at Trafalgar Square, where activitists, speakers and performers will mark a fabulous end to the day.

But WorldPride is much more than just a parade. The WorldPride Festival begins on 17 June and will comprise a series of cultural events, conferences, gala dinners and parties.

As always there is a serious side to the Festival and the programme will include campaigns aimed at raising awareness of issues such as suicide within the LGBT community, health and wellbeing, and tackling homophobia and transphobia.

If you would like to get involved, learn more about the serious issues facing gay, transgender and bisexual people both here in the UK and abroad, or simply show your support for LGBT communities throughout the world, visit for more information.
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