Are these the weirdest spa treatments ever?

Are these the weirdest spa treatments ever?Getty

Think you've exhausted all the beauty therapies there are? Forget it! Here are some weird and wonderful spa treatments still to try if you dare.

Ten of the world's weirdest spa treatments
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Are these the weirdest spa treatments ever?

If the idea of being massaged by snakes rocks your world, you might consider visiting Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm and spa in Israel. Ada discovered that visitors who handled the snakes she was feeding to her plants seemed to enjoy the sensation of touching them, so came up with the stress-relieving treatment which involves a combination of California and Florida king snakes, corn snakes and milk snakes (all non-venomous) writhing over your body. The massages cost $80 (£49).

Inspired by St. Regis' famed 'Bloody Mary', this signature ritual is a homage to a timeless tradition. Exclusively at the St Regis Bali Resort, the treatment begins with an energizing Tomato, Pineapple and Wasabi Body Reviver followed by skin purifying Vodka Tomato Clay Wrap. A detoxifying massage and an invigorating Tomato Vermouth and Mineral Salt bath ensue, leaving you feeling thoroughly recharged and revived.

Following this, join in a Bloody Mary Cocktail making class and sample the hotels’ very own unique Bali Mary (served in a champagne glass and includes jicama, brown sugar and pepper vodka).

£390 per night includes accommodation in a St. Regis Suite, luxury transfers, daily breakfast, cocktail session and spa treatment.

On offer at the renowned London salon Hari’s, the caviar hair mask sounds a bit fishy, but is apparently odourless. It apparently contains high-potency fish oils which are supposed to be wonderfully nourishing for the hair. The treatment, which takes 60 minutes, costs £100.

Do saunas leave you too hot and bothered? If so, you might prefer to hang out in the Snow Cave at Butlins Ocean Hotel Spa in Bognor Regis. Should help you to chill out – quite literally – after experiencing some of the other delights on offer at the spa, including ‘disco showers’ complete with music and flashing lights, and the crystal steam room. Use of the spa costs £19 for two hours.

The Fisho Spa in Phuket, Thailand, offers full-body fish nibbling as an all-over exfoliation treatment. The experience, known as ichthyotherapy involves ‘doctor fish’ nibbling away dead skin cells, and is described as a pleasant sensation... A half-hour session costs 990 Baht (£20).

The Yugawara Hot Spring Resortin Tokyo suburb offers a truly golden opportunity to experience its Umo 24-Karat Facial.  Costing 15,750 Yen (£118), the treatment is meant toslow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect.

‘Your face, my backside’ suddenly takes on new meaning for those who’ve indulged in a ‘butt facial’ as offered at the Euphoria spa in Detroit, USA! After a thorough cleansing, your buttocks are treated to a full ‘facial’, with exfoliation, followed by a masque and, if necessary, waxing. Finally, you’ll have a warm paraffin treatment applied. Only thing is, who are you gonna show it off to?

The Hotel Haikko Manor Spa in Porvoo, Finland, offers you the chance to be frozen alive in its special Super Cold Cryochamber. It claims the treatment refreshes, enhances good sleep, relieves various muscle and rheumatic pains, stress and skin problems.. The temperature is set to around minus 110˚C and is so extreme that you can only spend a couple of minutes in the chamber without suffering hypothermia. Apparently the process also strengthens the immune system!

Cleopatra favoured milk for bathing, but you can go one better by immersing yourself in Beaujolais Nouveau at the Yunessun hot spring spa resort in Hakone, Japan. Can’t promise you won’t emerge a somewhat ruddy shade, but if it’s up your street then ‘Cheers’!

This unique therapy, offered at Rockin Heart Ranch in Wyoming from June to September combines Reiki - the ancient art of healing - with the ‘healing power’ of horses. According to the website, ‘horse and rider combine themselves into one entity… and the motion of the horse assists in creating a deep sense of relaxation’. A 90-min session costs $225 (£138).

Next time you find yourself in California with your other half, why not treat yourselves to an on-board, open-air Voga Massage offered by The Gondola Company at Coronado Bay. The 40-minute massage takes place on a Venetian caorlina fitted with two professional massage beds, and the fabulous floating experience includes chocolate-dipped strawberries. You can even bring your own favourite tipple if you like. Price: $419 (£257) per couple.


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