Olympic hotels getting cheaper

LondonHotel prices in London during the Olympics have dipped but are still well up on the same time last year.

Prices in the capital have gone down 25% over the last two weeks, according to a Hotels.com survey.
The average cost of a hotel room in London during the Games period now stands at £160 - still 75% up on the same time last year.

But Hotels.com said there were rooms available for much less than this, including some for £59 a night.

It said there were three main reasons why rates were dropping, including more availability in the market, with many of the rooms which Games organisers Locog had reserved being put back into circulation and new hotels being opened.

Also, many hotels have started to remove their length-of-stay restrictions and are now selling more rooms for one-night stays, while demand has not been as strong as originally expected as tour operators booked their regular groups to other European capitals, giving London a miss this year.

Seamus MacCormaic, of Hotels.com, said: "Falling prices are an encouraging move for consumers and there is still good availability across London in all classes of hotel.

"Demand for these rooms is likely to come from the domestic market now, as it may be too late for long-haul travellers to make plans to visit.

"However, the good news for the industry is that interest is definitely there as searches for London from the UK for the Olympic period are currently running 22% higher than the same time last year.

"We are seeing promotional prices start to come through and we do expect this trend to continue."

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