Fuel costs remain drivers' biggest worry

There may have been a collective sigh of relief at the government's freeze on fuel duty, but a new survey shows that pump prices remain drivers' biggest motoring concern.

Data from the research reveals that 63% of motorists said they have cut back on car usage in the past year due to the increased cost of fuel with nearly 45% opting to walk more as a consequence.
"Our research shows that the cost of fuel remains the top priority for motorists, with many changing the way they drive to maximise their fuel efficiency," said a BCA spokesman. "With this in mind, the postponement of the fuel duty increase combined with a general reduction in fuel prices in recent weeks will come as a relief to many motorists."

Using more public transport was the second most popular alternative to save on fuel costs at 33%, with London drivers topping the table for using public transport at 50%. South East drivers came second at 34.5%, followed by Midlands motorists at 29.1%; South West drivers at 27.9%; and North West drivers at 24.6%.

But despite many limiting car use due to high prices, two-thirds still fill up the tank at petrol stations. South West motorists top the table in filling up their tank at 70.2%, closely followed by drivers in the South East at 70.1%. London motorists were the least likely to fill up their tank at 56.4%, reflecting the strong public transport links in the country's capital.

The survey of 817 people also showed that 94% drive their own car, 73% use a car daily and nearly 18% drive a car that is between 7-10 years old.
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