Is summer finally here? Temps to hit 27C this week


Is summer finally here? Temps to hit 27C this weekPA

After experiencing what has felt like winter at some points this June, we could finally be seeing weather more suited to this time of year as experts predict temperatures of 27C this week.

The next two days are set to be the warmest, according to a Met Office spokeswoman Helen Chivers, who told Aol Travel: "Today and tomorrow will be very warm and humid across much of the UK.

"Temperatures are expected to reach the mid 20s Celsius in the sunshine and perhaps touch 27 or 28 Celsius in East Anglia and southeast England tomorrow (Thursday)."

However, unsurprisingly, it's not all good news. Helen added: "We will see some rain as well, this especially heavy and thundery in the north and west of the UK during Thursday. The Met Office has issued a Yellow severe weather warning for rain for Northern Ireland, southern and eastern Scotland for this, with between 30 and 50mm of rain expected to fall in just a few hours so everyone should be aware that localised surface water flooding may develop in some areas.

"For Friday and the weekend we expect to see a mixture of sunshine and showers across the UK and it will be windy in places too. The showers should become lighter as we go through the weekend with many places having a good deal of dry weather by Sunday."

Some parts of the UK may still be at risk of flash floods, with Wales and Cumbria being the most vulnerable.

The weather this June has certainly been disappointing. In fact, this month is set to be one of the wettest Junes on record, figures from the Met Office have shown.

According to the Press Association, heavy rainfall up to 24 June puts the month as the third wettest for the UK in records dating back more than a century to 1910.

The month has so far seen an average of 122.3mm (4.8 inches) of rain falling across the UK, one and a half times the usual amount for June, the Met Office said.

The inordinate amount of rain puts this month just behind the second wettest June in 1912, and a little way off the wettest June in 2007, when 136.2 mm (5.4 inches) of rain fell, prompting widespread flooding.

A spokesman for the Met Office told PA: "Clearly there are several more days to go and there is some rainfall in the forecast, so it's impossible to say exactly where the month will finish in the overall records. However, it's safe to say it has been a disappointingly wet month."

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