Female tourist dies on Channel Island after horse-drawn carriage crash

Female tourist dies on Channel Island after horse-drawn carriage crashAs cars are banned, horse-drawn carriages in Sark are a common feature. Photo: Rex

A Swiss woman has died following a horse-drawn carriage crash on the Channel Island of Sark.

Dora Jufer, 67, from Melchnau, was on an island tour with seven other Swiss tourists and driver, who were all injured, when the carriage hit a hedge and rolled over, according to the BBC.

Cars are banned on the island, so a tractor pulling a makeshift ambulance took her to the port, where Guernsey's St John Ambulance and Rescue team took her on a 25-minute marine ambulance journey to Guernsey.

The accident happened at around 12.15pm on Tuesday, and she arrived at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey at around 2pm.

She later died there after suffering head injuries.

All nine people involved in the crash were treated at the hospital, and four people injured in the accident are still being seen there.

Malcolm Mechem, from Guernsey Ambulance and Rescue, told the BBC: "[People were] wounded with grazes, minor cuts, dislocations and fractures so it was quite bad."

Guernsey Police and an accident investigator are assisting Sark constables with the investigation.

Sark is the smallest of the Channel Islands and has a population of about 600, relying heavily on tourism.

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