Average man will earn £1m by 50 - but women wait to 72

piggybankMen will have earned £1 million over their working lifetimes by the time they are 50 years old on average, but a woman would have to wait until she is 72 to reach the same milestone, a study has found.

Prudential found that becoming a millionaire before tax is well within the grasp of men generally, as long as they start work at 18 and remain on an average income until they reach 65.
It calculated the cumulative figures from typical earnings, which reach a peak of £40,652 for men and a high of £21,758 for women.

A man on an average income can expect to be an income millionaire when he is 50 years, six months and two weeks old.

But a woman on a typical salary would not reach the milestone until she is aged 72 years, four months and three weeks, Prudential said.

As the figures are based on the magic million being earned before tax, workers would also need to pay around £137,101 in income tax and £84,129 in national insurance contributions from their million.

Vince Smith-Hughes, retirement expert at Prudential, said: "We might think that making a million is a pipedream, but it will become a reality for those who earn an average salary throughout their working lives, especially if they are men.

"Looking at cumulative earnings in this light helps us to understand how much we could potentially save for our retirement."

Researchers also found that if the typical worker remains employed until the age of 65, their career earnings before tax will be £1,217,604. If they keep going to 70, then earnings will hit £1,322,009.

They also found that someone who pays £100 per month into a pension over a 40-year working lifetime could receive additional tax relief of more than £12,000.
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