Wedding make-up tips and trends

Caroline Cassidy

Every girl wants to look stunning on her wedding day but even your dream dress can be ruined by the wrong make-up. Here are a few tips to ensure your bridal look is picture perfect and what's hot in the world of wedding makeup this summer.

bridal makeup
bridal makeup

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Proper preparation is the key to perfect wedding makeup. Be sure to drink plenty of water in the months leading up to your big day as this will keep your skin clear and bright, giving you a better base for the pretty, natural look many brides want.

It is best not to change your usual skincare regime too close to the wedding as you don't want to find blemishes appearing the night before! On the morning of the ceremony, cleanse and moisturise well, using an oil-free moisturiser if you are prone to oily skin. Allow the moisturiser a good 20 minutes to work its magic before applying foundation.

A solid foundation
Primer, concealer and a good foundation are essentials for wedding makeup. A primer will mean your makeup will last longer, concealer will hide spots and blemishes, and brighten under the eye, while foundation, applied with a brush, will ensure your skin tone looks even. Always choose a shade that disappears into your skin for the perfect base.

Colour and style
Most brides tend to opt for the natural beauty look for their big day but that doesn't mean you can't add a few accents. A matte bronzer, for instance, can give you a healthy glow whatever the weather - just be sure to choose a shade a little darker than your skin or you'll end up with more of a TOWIE glow. Apply with a brush starting at the areas that would naturally catch the sun.

A little blusher will also add colour to your cheeks and works particularly well if you've gone for the traditional white, cream or ivory dress. Don't go for anything too rouge - again, choose a shade that's not far from your natural skin tone.

When it comes to the eyes, how much or how little you put on depends on your personal choice, of course, but a neutral palette is a good place to start if you're opting for the natural look. An eye primer followed by a light-coloured eye shadow applied right up to the brow bone, will give you a good base. Then it's just a question of adding layers of darker colour. Use matte eyeshadows to keep your makeup natural-looking. Don't forget the eyebrows though - if yours are not perfectly shaped, try a little eyebrow powder to fill in the gaps.

Choose a long-lasting eyeliner such as Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and for gorgeous lashes try L'Oreal Lash Architect. If you are prone to dark circles under the eye, avoid mascara on the lower lashes as it often draws attention to the area.

Getting the right lip colour is also essential for any blushing bride. A gentle pink shade, slightly lighter than your natural lip colour will work beautifully if you have opted for the natural look.

And since vintage wedding dresses are very much in vogue, those opting for old-school glamour can really finish the look with bright red lipstick and smokey eyes, with added individual lashes at the corner for a fabulous feline eye.