Flight diverted after 'woman dies on plane'

Flight diverted after 'woman dies on plane'PA

A Delta Airlines flight from Detroit to Phoenix made an unexpected landing in Colorado Springs after a woman became "unresponsive" on on board - and was later pronounced dead.

Flight attendants and a doctor on board performed CPR on the woman in a bid to revive her, but after the plane landed at around 10am, officials determined that the passenger was dead.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Delta spokeswoman Chris Kelly Singley confirmed the captain of Flight 1921 - which was carrying 151 people - diverted after a passenger became "unresponsive".

The flight continued its journey on to Phoenix.

The news comes just weeks after two Colorado State Patrol Troopers helped save a man's life when he suffered a heart attack mid-air on a Delta flight.

Lt Colonel Brenda Leffler and Major Steve Garcia jumped into action when they heard a woman screaming that her husband was unconscious.

Leffler said afterwards: "We are not heroes, we are state troopers. This is what we do every day ... we're well trained. Major Garcia and I are just glad the gentleman will be all right."

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