British holiday companies launch attack on weather forecasters

British holiday companies launch attack on weather forecastersPA

British holiday companies have attacked weather forecasters for issuing "deliberately pessimistic" warnings that are putting people off going on holiday in the UK.

One UK holiday park director has accused meteorologists of attempting to "cover all eventualities" for fear of getting it wrong, has called for a change in the way the weather is reported.

Tony Clish, director of Park Holidays UK, said forecasts were "increasingly alarmist".

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Clish said: "We all plan in advance and some people decide not to do things and end up missing a nice day because of the weather forecast.... people wait to see what the forecasters say on the TV and radio."

However, the BBC's weather department has denied that their forecasts are deliberately pessimistic. Presenter Tomzsz Schafernaker told the news site: "I understand Mr Clish's frustration and there is a tendency for weather forecasters to emphasise the negative aspects of the weather.

"Fundamentally that's what weather forecasters are for - to highlight the dangers.

"But there is certainly no reason why we would want to dampen the spirits or be deliberately pessimistic.

However, holiday park owners are asking weather forecasters to be more careful with their phrasing.

Speaking in the Daily Mail, Claire Jeavons, who runs the Beverley Park holiday site in Paignton, Devon, said 'alarmist forecasts often prove groundless.

"It is already causing holiday makers to stay a way. Just a few days ago we were hearing that all caravan parks in the West Country were on flood alert - but this simply wasn't the case."

Sarah Long, spokesperson for Visit England, said: "It's no surprise that we have unpredictable summers. The weather is an obsession for us all in this country. But we know from our research that even if the weather isn't as lovely, it doesn't detract from the positive experience. Or research shows that even if it rains, it doesn't necessarily mean a bad time. We are an all-weather destination. With so many free galleries and museums, so if the weather is really bad there are still lots of opportunities for families to have a great time."
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