Video: Woman arrested for 'groping' airport security

Video: Woman arrested for 'groping' airport security officer, misses brother's funeralNBC News

A woman has been arrested after "groping" a TSA agent following what was described as "an extremely inappropriate search".

Carol Price was on her on way to Cleveland, Ohio, when she felt reacted to what she felt was an overzealous security check.

Ms Price is filmed grabbing the airport worker in a bid to show the supervisor what she went through.

John Mills, Price's attorney, says the supervisor grabbed his client's genitals and breasts first, but that she did not touch the supervisor as intrusively as she was touched.

Price is a former TSA agent herself, who worked at the airport until a few years ago.

According to NBC News, she got along with some, but not all, of her co-workers, and says her patdown was personal.

Her lawyer said: "She's obviously been through training, and she knew this lady."

Mr Mills did admit that Ms Price was already emotional that day explaining that she was going to her brother's funeral.

But Ms Price did not make it, and was instead removed from the flight and taken to jail, and she now faces misdemeanour battery charges, to which she has pleaded not guilty.

See the footage below:

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