Samsonite recalls 250,000 suitcases as 'cancer compound found on handles'

Ruth Doherty
Samsonite recalls 250,000 suitcases after 'cancer compound found on handles'
Samsonite recalls 250,000 suitcases after 'cancer compound found on handles'


Luggage maker Samsonite is recalling 250,000 suitcases after traces of cancer-risk chemicals were found on the handles.

The recall relates to the Tokyo Chic brand, which is part of the American Tourister range, but is sold in the UK on websites like and

The move comes after Hong Kong's Consumer Council reported that a sample it tested had levels of poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that were higher than the recommended voluntary guidelines.

According to the Daily Mail, these compounds are commonly found in plastics and rubber, and it is thought traces were left during manufacturing.

The compounds have been known to cause cancer and birth defects in animals, and the council tests gave readings for the compounds of 17,960 milligrams per kilo.

However, Samsonite commission independent tests that showed "significantly lower" results of 17 milligrams per kilo.

Ramesh Tainwala, Samsonite's Asia-Pacific and Middle East president told the paper: "A human being has to eat 100 handles and then you have the probability of one in a billion chance of getting cancer."

The Tokyo Chic bags are mostly sold in Asia, and Mt Tainwala said that, in Hong Kong, about 800 people have contacted the company about the suitcases and 240 have asked for the handles to be removed.

British customers who own a Tokyo Chic suitcase are being told to contact the retailer it came from for advice.

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