Saab rescue - Swedes don't believe it

The latest attempt to revive Saab has been dismissed by the Swedish former head of the component suppliers association.

The attitude of the suppliers matters because they were the ones left with lots of unpaid bills when Saab went bust and would have to deliver parts for any new Saab car. We expressed some scepticism, but that is as nothing compared to the usually diplomatic Swedes.
Lars Holmqvist, former CEO of European automotive supplier body, CLEPA, told industry website "They need to get a decent partner because there is no chance, no chance whatsoever these guys will be able to build an electric car. They have no idea how to build cars."

Apart from that minor problem, Holmqvist said that within a year, there would be another crisis when the new owners need more cash. It also transpires that the new owners have not even secured the rights to the Saab name. Just in case, the message was not clear enough, the forthright Homlqvist said of the boss of the new owners "He seems to me like he was out there to save the world and I am always sceptical about people [like] that in the automotive industry."

It is going to be interesting to see how Saab now persuades component suppliers to work with the company – will it be like those signs in pubs, "Please do not ask for credit as refusal may offend"?
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