Ricky Tomlinson furious after £13,000 caravan stolen

Ruth Doherty

Ricky Tomlinson furious after £13,000 caravan stolen
Ricky Tomlinson furious after £13,000 caravan stolen


Ricky Tomlinson, of Royle Family fame, has been left scratching his head after thieves stole his £13,000 caravan from a spot near the River Dee in Farndon, Chester.

Ricky, who was using the accommodation as a base while he filmed a wildlife documentary, is confused about how they managed to get away with the 27ft-long holiday home, which weighs two tons, as it was not even on wheels.

He told the Mirror: "I can't believe it's happened.

"It must have been a well-organised gang as it was two foot off the floor and resting on railway sleepers and breeze blocks because it was parked on a flood plain.

"The caravan was also down a lane over a mile long within a gated meadow.

"They lifted the gate off its hinges and must have had a decent-sized vehicle to take it away."
Ricky is a keen caravanner, and used to own one outside Benidorm before purchasing the Hobby 635 that was stolen.

He added: "I have only had it for a couple of years and it is still in sparkling condition. It is immaculate... the plastic covering was still on the seats.

"The caravan was in a great spot and I have filmed woodpeckers, ­squirrels and buzzards, for a ­little independent documentary I have been working on for a while.

"There was everything there and it was a lovely place to go for a bit of peace and quiet.

"I am gutted because I was in the process of letting one of my mates use it for a little outing for his two kids."

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