Landing gear failure causes plane crash at Jersey Airport

Landing gear failure causes plane crash at Jersey AirportStock photo: PA

The landing gear on a Blue Islands plane failed and caused a plane crash at Jersey Airport on Saturday.

The managing director of Blue Islands, Rob Veron, said the failure caused the plane's undercarriage to collapse.

The aircraft managed to make a safe landing after travelling from Guernsey with 43 people on board.

According to the BBC, nobody was hurt in the incident, but the runway was closed and flights were suspended for eight hours.

Mr Veron said that all the passengers on board were contacted on Saturday afternoon and offered counselling.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) has begun looking into the incident, and three officers flew to Jersey to determine the cause of the crash.

Mr Veron added: "Safety is of paramount importance in our organisation and Blue Islands operate to the highest safety standards regarding the maintenance of our aircraft and training of our crew."

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