Eats, shoots and leaves - the chef, the shooting and the missing Lamborghini

Take a deep breath – this is way weirder than CSI.

Back in March 2011 an American "celebrity chef" called Guy Fieri (presumably a celebrity over there rather than over here), had his yellow Gallardo Spyder stolen from a San Francisco supercar dealer who was servicing it. Someone apparently climbed on to the roof, abseiled down into the showroom, got the keys and then broke out of the dealership.
Now a 17-year-old male has been arrested after shooting at two teenagers in a parked car (one male, one female), apparently in an argument over the girl in question. During a search of his property, documents were found relating to a storage container – which concealed the missing Gallardo.

The suspect is being held in Marin County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of the stolen Lamborghini. Now the police have to work out the connections. Why would a 16-year-old steal a Lamborghini – was it just for the hell of it, even though he knew that he could not drive the car without attracting attention? Or was he stealing it for someone else who knew how to dispose of it profitably (overseas shipment is a favourite technique)? If so, why was the car still in storage in California a year later? Was the shooting just a case of teenage jealousy by a nutjob or was it related to the car theft in some way?

Ted Danson, get to it.
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