'Dress code assistants' to police Royal Ascot racegoers

Caroline Cassidy

Well known for its top hats, tails and high-class fashion, Royal Ascot is set to clamp down on flesh-flashing racegoers this year with a team of 'dress code assistants'.

royal ascot dress code rules
royal ascot dress code rules

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The strict dress code for the summer's biggest horse racing event will ensure shoulders, thighs and hat-free heads are covered up in both the Royal Enclosure and the grandstand.

Specially trained assistants will be manning the turnstiles and running their fashion-conscious eyes over the 300,000 racegoers expected to turn out for the event - and will have hats, pashminas, waistcoats and ties on hand for anyone attempting to flout the new rules.

In the royal enclosure, hats (not fascinators) are an essential for the ladies and miniskirts are a definite no-no, with no more than the knee permitted to show while strapless tops and dresses have also been banned.

Men, meanwhile, must wear black or grey morning dress (with waistcoat and tie), black shoes and a black or grey top hat.

Even those in the grandstand must adhere to rules rather than advice, with hats or fascinators compulsory for the ladies and a suit and tie for the chaps.

Racegoers in the less formal Silver Ring, however, will not be affected by the dress code rules.

Charles Barnett, chief executive of Ascot, told the Daily Mail: "Ascot is Europe's flagship race meeting and one of the world's greatest sporting and social events. We have tried to provide an appropriate dress code that is clear, workable and in line with the wishes of racegoers.

"Over the last few months, a huge amount of planning has gone in to making sure that the implementation of the new code goes as smoothly as possible.

"During the meeting itself, our team of special dress code assistants will help people with any queries that they may have."

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