Tightrope walker becomes first man to cross Niagara Falls

Roshina Jowaheer
Tightrope walker becomes first man to cross Niagara Falls
Tightrope walker becomes first man to cross Niagara Falls


If you've ever visited Niagara Falls in Canada, you would have heard all the stories of people who had tried to cross them but failed to do so leading to their deaths, but Nik Wallenda has defied the mist and wind to become the first man in history to walk across the Niagara Falls at their most dangerous.

Wallenda from a famous acrobatic family edged his way for 1,800ft along a two-inch diameter steel rope nearly 200 feet above the maelstrom.

He is the first tightrope walker to cross the full stretch of the gorge directly over the torrent after part of the walk was attempted in 1896 before authorities imposed a ban.

Over 100,000 people watched on the American and Canadian sides of Niagara as Nik walked from the US to Canada, while millions watched the spectacle live on television broadcast by ABC.

Wallenda was forced to wear a safety harness due to ABC's insurance requirements and wore shoes made by his mother - suede moccasins with an elk-skin sole to stop him from slipping.

The 33-year-old father of three said: 'That mist was thick and it was hard to see at times.'

'Wind going one way, mist another. It was very uncomfortable for a while.'

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