Renault electric car does 1,005 miles - in a day

Jay Nagley

A Renault Zoe (a Clio-sized hatchback due to go on sale shortly) has run for just over 1,000 miles in 24 hours to demonstrate its range and fast-charging system.

The distance of 1,005 miles, achieved on the speed ring at the Aubevoye technical centre (CTA) in Normandy, France, was 26% further than the previous record of 795 miles. The record attempt was helped by the use of Renault's new Chameleon charger. This makes Zoe compatible with any socket and any power level. Zoe was therefore able to be fast-charged at 43 kW, regaining 80% of battery capacity in under thirty minutes – that is a charging rate you definitely should not try at home.