Airlines to sell flight upgrades in on-board auctions

Katy Holland
Airlines to sell flight upgrades in on-flight auctions
Airlines to sell flight upgrades in on-flight auctions

Virgin Atlantic

Air passengers are to be given the opportunity to enter on-flight auctions to bid for seat upgrades to business and first class under a new scheme.

A selection of airlines in China and Canada have already adopted the process - and within the next two to three years, all airlines are expected to offer the service.

The auctions begin with an announcement being made over the loud speaker, letting passengers know that it is starting.

Cabin crew then pass down the aircraft to take bids.

Brett Proud, of retail and payment technology company GuestLogix, told the Herald Sun that people are often willing to pay double their ticket price. "In Canada, people who paid $1000 for their ticked seem to be happy to pay $1000 to move up," he said.


Airlines including Eithiad already offer guests the opportunity to bid online for upgrades. Customers determine the amount they are willing to pay for an upgrade and are notified on email about availability.

Other inflight innovations currently in the works include broadcasting live sports and ordering meals and duty free items on your smartphone.

Have you ever been asked to bid for an upgrade? Leave your comments below.



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