Shock video: Passenger pushes female rail worker on to train tracks

Shocking video shows passenger push female rail worker on to train tracksYouTube

The shocking moment when an irate passenger pushed a female rail worker on to train tracks in St Petersburg, Russia, has been caught on camera.

Passenger Yevgeny Borodin is seen arguing with the Metro staff member before he suddenly loses his temper and pushed her on the tracks, just seconds before a train was due at the platform.

Another passenger at the scene is shocked and angry at Mr Borodin's behaviour and, after unsuccessfully trying to stop the lady from falling, he turns around and lands a punch on him.

After helping the woman off the tracks, the man then chases after Mr Borodin, eager that he does not get away.

He is now being interviewed by police.

According to the Daily Mail, a witness who saw the incident said: "Everything happened so quickly. I often see fights on public transport or on the streets here but I have never witnessed something so horrific. He could have killed her.

"Right after he pushed her a train came into the platform, if it had been a second later the woman would have been run over by the train and died. She was shaken and clearly groggy but lucky to be alive."

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