Lexus re-introduces non-hybrids

Lexus has decided to add a petrol-only option to the new GS executive saloon, which was intended to be hybrid only.

Paul Van der Burgh, director of Lexus Europe, was quoted in industry website,, as saying that customers, particularly in the car's main markets – Russia and the UK – still want the option of a petrol engine rather than a hybrid.He said: "There are some 7,000 petrol GS owners out there since the car was launched in 1993 and they have remained loyal to us and we want the keep them.
"We are making petrol models for other markets around the world so there is no great cost implication in making them available for Europe."

UK buyers want large petrol engines? Possibly they did in 1993 when the GS was launched, but the UK is now a diesel-only market for large saloons (petrol engines account for less than 10% of sales). Good luck with that plan.
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