Revealed: Why Germans always get their towels down before Brits

Revealed: Why Germans always get their towels down firstRex

Waking up on holiday to find that all the best sunloungers have been taken is one of life's little annoyances.

And now, British scientists have found why the Germans always beat us in the annual 'towel tournament': they sleep less and get up earlier than us.

The University of Oxford study on 75,000 people found that the average Briton slept for seven hours, 21, minutes a night, before starting work at 8.50am, according to the Telegraph.

Germans, meanwhile, had eight minutes less sleep every night and started work 30 minutes earlier.

They also got up 15 minutes after the alarm went off, compared to Brits' 20 minutes.

The study also found that Germans were less overweight than Britons, and drank less wine and spirits.

So, basically, we need to eat and drink less, go to bed earlier and get up earlier if we want to secure a top spot on the sun loungers...

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