New Ford Focus ST goes global

The hotly anticipated new Focus ST will be the first global performance Ford, set to go on sale in 40 countries.

With a 2.0-litre 247bhp EcoBoost engine, the Focus ST accelerates from 62mph in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 154mph.

For the few ST buyers who are interested in efficiency, there is a 20% improvement over the previous model, with expected fuel efficiency of 39mpg and CO2 of emissions of 169g/km.

Some of you will remember the statement putrid-lime green colour of the last ST. This time around, it's a metallic mustard tone, officially named Tangerine Scream.

'This is the car that performance Ford fans across the world have been waiting for,' said Mark Ovendon, Ford Britain managing director. 'Our engineers have worked hard to make sure drivers will experience the true essence of what the ST badge represents – in Britain, or any of the 40 countries where this global performance car will be sold.'

The ST (Sport Technologies) badge was introduced first in Europe in 1997 and is reserved for sports-tuned variants of key Ford models. Customers ' appreciate that cars carrying the Ford ST badge balance high performance with real-world practicality and refinement,' said the carmaker.

The latest model even has a distinctive sound, engineered to be appreciated outside and inside the car. For the driver and passengers, a newly enhanced sound symposer relays the engine sound directly from the intake into the cabin.

'This channels a really sporty note into the cabin,' said Matthias Tonn, chief program engineer, Ford of Europe. 'The new Focus ST is improved over the previous European model in every department – and we had to ensure the sound was just as exciting for the driver too.'
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