Land Rover launches Europe driving guide

With the summer fast upon us (though you wouldn't know it), Land Rover has created a range of season-friendly products including a guide to driving in Europe in preparation for 2012's holiday season and vehicle health checks.

With 1.1 million British motorists travelling through the Channel Tunnel last year alone, the up-to-date guide details the rules and regulations of driving in Europe with Land Rover warning that driving laws on the continent are ever-changing. For example, many motorists are unaware that it is illegal in Germany to run out of fuel on an autobahn and that car drivers must give way to bicycles in Denmark. In France, a new rule states that all cars must carry a single-use breathalyser kit from 1 July 2012.The 2012 Guide to Driving in Europe covers 18 countries including Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and Portugal and is free to download for all motorists at

Land Rover drivers are also to be offered a vehicle summer health check, with technicians checking air conditioning, coolant levels, lights, brakes, tyres, exhausts and fluid levels. Other products on offer, which 'take the uncertainty out of summer driving' include Navteq satellite navigation updates, Trackstar vehicle tracking, Land Rover insurance, extended warranty and roadside assistance.

Driver training firm IAM also provides seasonal advice for motorists on its website both abroad and at home. It warns of: summer drink-driving - noting that alcohol measures at barbeques are likely to be higher than in a pub; overgrown vegetation preventing a clear view of the road; and flash flooding.
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