DVLA cashes in on Jubilee - More Personal Plates to be auctioned

The line between government officials and Del Boy gets ever thinner. The DVLA is auctioning royal-related number plates to cash-in coincide with the Jubilee.

The auction at City Hall, London, on Thursday (June 7), includes PR11 NCE and HA12 RRY with reserves of £2,000. The final price is likely to be a bit higher - three years ago 1 HRH was bought for £113,815.
Of course, the other big event of the summer is the Olympic Games, so cue lots of sporting-related plates. Buyers can choose from gems such as GO11 DEN, WON 601D, MEN 100M and even BMX 601D.

There is the usual crop of name-related plates: HO11 LLY, DE12 MOT VE12 NON, JO12 DAN and KA12 REN (12 is plate-speak for the letter R, in case you were wondering).

Finally, in a nod to Euro 2012 (yes, we had nearly forgotten about it, too), there is one football related plate: FU11 HAM. One plate that straddles both football and the Olympics is 2012 OG, which the DVLA says is for "Olympic Gold", but could equally be for "Own Goal". That would make a nicely ironic present for any footballer unfortunate enough to make that mistake in the next few weeks.
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