Airport 'takes 10% of holiday cash'

Baggage at airportFamilies flying off on breaks abroad use up as much as 10% of their holiday spending money at their departure airport, according to a survey.

On average a family of four gets through £116 after checking in and before take-off, the poll by travel agency found.
As many as 97% of those surveyed said they spent money at an airport, with the most popular purchase being drinks to take on board.

The next most-popular purchases were meals, followed by snacks/sweets, toiletries and reading material.

The poll showed that the average amount of spending money a family of four took on holiday was £1,100.

It was based on responses from 1,783 UK adults who had been on holiday as a family of four in the past 12 months. co-founder Chris Clarkson said: "To see that as much as 10% of the holiday spending money budget is blown in the airport before a family have even left the UK is a revelation indeed.

"When booking a holiday and saving for spending money, people often forget about expenses incurred on things like transport to the airport, airport hotel stays and the money spent on a pre-flight meal, or getting some last-minute toiletries."
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