Airline becomes first to 'seat passengers according to mood'

Ruth Doherty
Airline becomes first to 'seat passengers according to mood'
Airline becomes first to 'seat passengers according to mood'


An airline has launched a service that could mean being bored to tears by a fellow passenger for hours on end will be a thing of the past.

Travellers on Latvian airline Air Baltic will be able to choose from three "flight moods", according to whether they would like to meet business contacts, get on with work, or simply be left alone for the entire flight.

Janis Vanaga, a spokesman for Air Baltic, told that they were the first airline in the world to offer the service, but added that passengers would not be given the option to ban anyone from sitting next to them.

So how does it work? Customer information is collected in a database and the closest match available on the flight is identified without revealing passenger identity.

The "intelligent seating" service is free and optional, and also takes into account hobbies and interests that fellow passengers might share.

The news comes after KLM Royal Dutch Airlines introduced a service that allowed passengers to matchmake mid-air by letting them pick their seat mate on Facebook.

Would you use a service that allowed you choose from different "flight moods"? Leave your thoughts below...

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