Jubilee washout! Heavy rain on Queen's parade

Roshina Jowaheer
Jubilee washout! Heavy rain on Queen's parade
Jubilee washout! Heavy rain on Queen's parade


Jubilee spectators have been advised to bring their brollies as forecasters predict heavy rain for the celebrations.

After days of glorious sunshine and summer weather, tomorrow could see temperatures fall to as low at 10C.

The Met Office told the Daily Express that the North is likely to be dry with bright spells but the South will see heavy downpours on the day of the Queen's Jubilee Thames pageant in London.

Thousands of street parties are taking place and many could be cancelled with up to two inches of rain expected.

'Sunday is going to be the worst day of the weekend,' Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan told the Daily Telegraph.

'It will be a wet morning, quite breezy, and while the rain may ease a little in the afternoon it will still be quite damp. A brisk breeze will make it feel pretty chilly.'

There will be more rain on Monday, the day of the open-air concert at Buckingham Palace, and on Tuesday the Royal family could get wet as showers hit London during the carriage procession.

Chief executive of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Foundation, Michael Lockett, told the Daily Telegraph that the nation shouldn't let the rain prevent them from being a 'part of history'.

He said: 'In these austere times, we need cheering up more than ever. Tomorrow will be a great boost to all of our spirits.'

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