Kim Kardashian sensationally pictured inside a car...but what was she doing there?

Kim Kardashian has been pictured sitting inside a car. The stunning image comes just days after Kardashian was pictured standing beside a car.

It's thought that Kardashian was using the car to get from one place to another, though when Autoblog contacted the internet for comfirmation of this, we got distracted by Facebook.
Kardashian can be seen wearing a coat here, and carrying a bag. It's believed that her bag contained a miscellany of personal items and cosmetics, including a lipstick, a small pot of Vaseline and a scrap of paper with 'get Angel Delight and milk' written on it.

Reports claim that Kardashian has been in a car before, in 2010, and was overheard at the time remarking that it was " a skateboard but totes much bigger and much more awesome." It's understood that Kardashian was not wearing a bikini at the time, but was planning on doing so later that day. A car was not involved in the swimwear process.

Meanwhile, the Government has announced plans to kill the motorist. "It's a disgrace," said a spokesperson from the Association of Beleaguered Hard Working Motorists. "For years, the Government has been squeezing the beleaguered, hard working motorist with huge fuel costs and so-called 'green' taxes, and now it's planning this. It's bad enough that potholes are stealing our pensions, but this really is taking it a step too far. The motorist simply won't stand for it," he added.

Nobody from the Government was available for comment, although Lotus has responded to the announcement with a press release. Here it is in full:

Pwnd. lol. ;-)
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