Court set to rule on care funding for disabled man

WheelchairJudges at the UK's highest court are due to rule on a care funding battle which lawyers say raises "profound issues" for disabled people dependent on local authority support.

Lawyers representing a 26-year-old disabled man have told the Supreme Court that Cambridgeshire County Council made an "irrational" decision when funding its client's care.
They say the council's offer of around £85,000 a year was "manifestly insufficient" to meet the man's "assessed eligible needs" - and have told judges that an independent social worker put the cost of an annual support package at £157,000.

Charities working with disabled people said judges had been asked to clarify whether local authorities should base funding decisions on patient need or budget limitation.

They say the outcome of the case, which was contested by the county council, could have far-reaching implications for disabled people.

Lawyers representing the man - who cannot be identified for legal reasons - took the fight for more cash to the Supreme Court after losing battles in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Supreme Court judges heard arguments in London in February and are now scheduled to hand down their ruling.

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